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If were the unfortunate victim of a major storm that caused damages to your home or commercial property, you should stop reading now and call Flood Pros for a FREE Hurricane Water Damage & Flood Damage Services Quote.


Hurricane Water Damage Destroyed House

What type of Hurricane Water Damage May Occur to my Property?

Defining the actual type of hurricane water damage that has occurred on your property is a crucial first step in determining the water restoration equipment and strategy to use in the restoration of your damaged house.

You see, there are four different classifications or classes of water damage:

  • Class #1 Water Damage – Slow Evaporation Rate: In a case like this one, only a small area of the property or part of a room in the house is only affected or damaged. Also, there’s practically no wet or humid carpeting and the damaged area is one of low permeability or with lower porosity.
  • Class #2 Water Damage – Fast Evaporation Rate: Unlike in the first class of water damage, the water losses in this case impact an entire room, instead of only a part of it, and wet carpeting occurs.
  • Class #3 Water Damage – Fastest Evaporation Rate: In cases like this one, the water damage usually comes from overhead. Special equipment may be required for successful water extraction. Many areas of the house or property are entirely saturated with water. The type of materials damaged with water may include walls, ceilings, carpets, or even an entire sub-floor.
  • Class #4 Water Damage – Specialty Drying Situations: Well, the word says it all; this classification of water damage requires high-tech specialty and drying equipment and the expertise of certified water damage extraction specialists. Deep pockets of water saturation are seen in cases like this one.

What Happens to My Personal Belongings While You’re Doing the Water Damage Restoration Services in my House?

Remember we said we provide full, complete hurricane water damage and restoration services?

Well, that means we also facilitate storage services for you, so you can rest assured your most valuable personal belongings will be protected while we work and restore your property to the state it was before the hurricane.

Why do I need a Certified Water Damage Technician to take care of my Hurricane Water Damage?

Let’s have The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), explain this one for us:

Professional restoration technicians understand the need for quick response. Immediate remediation is key to controlling any escalating costs. The longer the remediation is delayed, the higher the cost of restoration. Certified restorers have the knowledge to test materials and apply the restoration techniques required to return the items to their pre-loss condition. Look for the cleantrust logo to verify IICRC certification.

That Cleantrust Logo you see down there on the footer of our website? Yes, that means we are certified by the IICRC.

Call us now.

Do you have any Emergency Water Damage Repair Tips?

  • Well first thing you should do is call Flood Pros and we’ll send a rapid response team to your property within 24 hours.
  • Evaluate the potential risks and damages to your house, and leave the premises if the situation is hazardous. Protect yourself and your family.
  • One of the most crucial aspects when there’s water damage after a hurricane or storm is to minimize the potential occurrence of further damage to your property. As such, a quick response to evaluate the extent of the damage your house suffered is essential in bringing you back to the place you were before the disaster.
  • Avoid walking through standing water to prevent possible slips or even electrical shock vulnerability for yourself or any member of your family.
  • Do not try to extract or remove any water or flooded damage yourself.
  • Call an expert. Call a professional. Call a team of specialists certified by the IICRC to provide you with the weather damage services you need. Call us now.

What about the costs?

We are fully aware of the pain and stress that hurricane water damage can cause to homeowners and their families. We’ve been helping victims of weather and emergency water damage for a while.

We are conscious of your needs.

As such, our team of specialists will arrive at your house or commercial property to evaluate the extent of the water damage that has occurred to your property as part of a free consultation – we also strive to minimize restoration, repair and hurricane water damage restoration costs.

Call us now.


Hurricane Water Damage Flooded Basement

What does your Hurricane Water Damage and Flood Water Removal Process Entail?

Well, first of all we need to immediately assess the extent of the hurricane water damage and flood damage on your property – this includes, not just the structure itself, but also electrical elements of the house and the pipes and plumbing pertaining to your house.

Then, we develop the most effective strategy, based on the damage, to extract the water and flood damage that has occurred to your property. After we’re done with the water extraction and flood damage restoration process, we once again inspect the premises for any water residual damage.

We then proceed to use our high-tech and special equipment, in order to dry your house – and not just to dry it, but also to remove any stink and odors from contaminated water.

What are some Water Extraction and Flood Water Removal Tips for Homeowners?

  • Call your water damage insurance company as soon as possible.
  • Call an expert in water extraction and flood restoration. Call us.
  • Safety. Safety. Safety… This is the most important thing for you and your family. If the water and flood damage is too much and it’s not safe to stay in the house, you should evacuate the premises immediately.
  • If it is safe to stay in the house, open the windows in your house in order to facilitate the drying of the property.
  • Under no circumstances should you turn on or attempt to turn on the electrical power in your property. Wait for us to get there; if you try this on your own you might get seriously injured or cause further damage to your house.

What are some things I can do to minimize further hurricane water damage after a flood?

  • While we get there, if it’s safe to do so, you may want to mop around some of the water saturated areas in the house – remember, only the areas where this is safe to do so!
  • Open the windows or turn the air conditioner to expedite the drying of the premises and flooded areas.
  • Removed personal belongings from the area, and make sure the area is as ready as possible for the beginning of the flood damage restoration process, by picking up any loose items from the floors or wet carpets.

There’s a Hurricane on its way… Is there any Flood Preventive Treatment?

The best thing you can do to avoid any future water and flood damage to your property that may occur after a hurricane, is to routinely inspect and maintain your property with the help of certified technicians.

Professional flood damage specialists can spot certain areas of your property that may be prone to damage in case of a hurricane.

Detecting these damage-prone areas early may be the difference between minimal flood damage, and a major repair and water restoration process.


Hurricane Water Damage Broken Window

What kind of damages can Hurricanes and Storms cause to my property?

Hurricane water damage is often the worst kind of damage that can happen to any house or commercial property.

Broken windows, flooded basements, water damaged ceilings and major structural destruction, are only a few of the damages that may be caused by the occurrence of a hurricane or storm.

How fast will you guys get here to help me?

At Flood Pros, we have a rapid response team ready to assist you. We will respond and arrive to help you and inspect the damaged areas within 24 hours.

Do you also help with contaminated water removal after hurricanes?

Absolutely. We are certified by the IICRC for water removal restoration processes, including removal of contaminated water that can not only bring about bad odors in your property, but may also constitute a potential health-risk for you and your family.

I know about the short term effects, but what about long term effects to my property after a hurricane?

Whenever major rains result in flash floods, it is important to understand that there might be considerably more on the line than simply removing the water or restoring the house to pre-hurricane conditions.

There are many long lasting structural and health hazards that threaten you, your family, and your property. Unseen to the human eye, there are all kinds of dangerous microorganisms, bacteria, and pollutants that live in the standing water that is brought upon by hurricanes and natural disasters.

When you get in contact with us, our team of certified professionals will delineate the most effective strategy to remove every moisture or dampness from saturated water damaged areas as well as eradicate from the structure of the house any components that have been rendered to a state that makes it repairing impossible.

As soon as this has been done, your property is then reconditioned to pre-hurricane conditions and you will then come back to your property having the satisfaction of knowing that long-lasting damage to your home has been averted.

Call or contact our team of experts now, for a FREE Hurricane Water Damage Services Quote!


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